Jun 20, 2012

water water everywhere

It's been quiet around here. I seem to be doing that over the last, oh...3 years or so. Sometimes it's nice to blog and connect to this internet/blog world and sometimes I have to take a step back. These days I haven't felt compelled to blog but I have been living it up over on Instagram.

In house news, the big "game changer" this summer is the addition of an 8ft. diameter tank. We've been swimming (rather, floating) for the past 3 weeks and it is fantastic. I'll share some details of the tank and how we're cleaning and filtering in case anyone needs some guidance.



I still need to filter my stupid tank. I would like to hear what you guys did very much.

Celine { starbies and sangrias} said...

Please please share! Some of us in Texas are dying in the sweltering heat! xoxo

Anonymous said...

We have a galvanized tank and have been wondering what chemicals can be used in it. My worry is reaction with the galvanized metal---would there be any reaction, does it matter what I use, can I use regular pool chemicals? Anyone have an answer? Thanks!