Mar 22, 2012

spring time and planting

The amount of planting that has happened in the past month is fairly insane. 

C put about 20 rosemary plants in the ground, 3 gorgeous Pride of Madeiras (aka Alien Plants), some rockrose, sage, a Bottlebrush shrub and maybe 10 or 15 Carmel Creepers

This is all part of the backyard revamp project. We're working towards creating a more child-friendly area so that E can entertain over the summer. We're using the rosemary bushes as a natural wall instead of a fence and planting big cushy shrubby areas to prevent little ones from tumbling down hills.

C also planted another orange tree (Roberts Navel), a yellow peach and has a Gobi berry ready and waiting. The Gobi Berry is an was on sale. 

Next up: leveling out the play area, reworking a vegetable box into a sandbox, figuring out some durable ground-cover and planning where to hang the shade-sails we found at Ikea.

ps- in other news...we have a walker! (Thanks to J for the photo)


Megan Taylor said...

Looks like you're fully embracing Spring!!! I'm re-vamping my apartment. Cleaning, re-imaging, and cultivating positive happy spaces. Such a good time of year for it! xo

cheap cosplay costumes said...

Amazing shoots!Love the first plant!Adorable!