Mar 16, 2012


C cleared all of the oranges from the tree. The squirrels were making quick waste of the fruit. Instead of continuing to shake our fists (and sending Elli after them), we picked the tree clean.

They look so pretty in the basket that C's cousin made. 

Happy RAINY weekend!

***late addition*** someone i know is a wee bit obsessed with weather maps. he asked me to attach the above image.

our modest plans:
+ we have a new peach tree to plant, a fuschia colored rock rose (can't remember the proper name) and more rosemary to add to the garden
+ dirt to fill the vegetable boxes which are mostly filled with horse manure
+ laundry (of course)
+ J visiting from LA! she's the maker of this mobile and a bff from high school
+ and we now have a true toddler to chase around the house...

1 comment:

Celia said...

i could probably eat that whole basket in one sitting. so jealous of your citrus tree.