May 5, 2009

here's the latest update of our vegetable garden:

(click on image for a larger view)

so far i've planted in the far right box:
+ tomatoes: early girl, sungold, sweet 100, better boy and black krim
+ blue lake bush beans

+ marigolds

+ basil

the middle box is completely filled with strawberries. i grabbed eversweet because the woman at the nursery didn't really know the difference between the two types they had and i was impatient. we'll see how they turn out...

in the far left box we have:

+ bell peppers

+ jalapeno (early and regular)

+ shallots

+ bunching evergreen white onions

+ boston lettuce

+ heirloom australian yellow lettuce

i still haven't planted the cantaloupe. that guy will go in a wine barrel all by his lonesome over in our sunniest corner. last year our garden was attacked by an over-zealous zucchini plant and don't want the cantaloupe to follow in its footsteps...

still on the list to plant as soon as it stops raining: persian cucumbers, radishes, arugula, cilantro, mint, and parsley. i just need to figure out where everything goes. i read in my
new favorite book that radishes can be planted throughout the garden as they get along well with everyone.

no drip system installed yet. it rained all weekend and we spent our time inside finishing yet another round of endless touch-ups and fixes. at least our living room walls are free from white wood-patch splotches and the hallway baseboards finally got a second coat of paint. we also discovered the incredible powers of the window paint-scraping tool. how did we miss that one?! sigh...the joys of home ownership, eh?

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