Jun 19, 2013

The Tank: One Year Later

And months and months go by with nothing on the blog...
Like so many, the instantaneous satisfaction and ease of Instagram has replaced this space.

That said....time to check in on the tank, yes?
Welcome to all of those who found their way yonder via The Homestead Survival. Cool to be included on such an awesome site. So many of you have left comments about how to transform the tank into a heated tub for the cooler months; thank you. I'm stockpiling all of those suggestions for when we can fit that dream in to our budget.We've now weathered a full year with our beloved tank. The poor tank spent a cool winter covered up and very neglected. For the most part, we didn't do anything with the tank. We collected the rain water, drained it occasionally and sometimes put the cover on. It was not a pretty site. We shamefully take responsibility for the deaths of 4 squirrels (now buried in our animal graveyard) and countless massive spiders.

But enough of the sad fall and winter. Summer and warm weather is upon us again and after a good scrub-down, the tank is back in action.
A few notes:

+ The peroxide solution (see the end of this post for details) is still how we sanitize and we're very happy with it.

+ We had to replace to cover as it had been shredded to bits by the above squirrels and a variety of other animals trying to sneak in for drinks escape with their lives.

+ We upgraded to a pump! We no longer shop-vac out the last few inches of water. The pump is small and takes a while but it's able to suck out the last dregs of water and it feeds directly in to the hose for watering our trees.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions and comments. It's fun hearing that a few of you were even inspired to jump on the bandwagon and set up your own swimming tanks!


Hannah said...

So excited for more summer tank fun!

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Tropical Life Style said...

Sad to hear about the squirrel but I like the idea how you develop the Tank to a new look. I got to say it completely that I love to swim in your full tank!