Aug 16, 2012

Another Year

I was a huge fan of Aesop's fables when I was a kid. I remember reading the stories and then writing my own version of morality tales. These days, I'm not a big one for quotes or anecdotes, but someone told me a good one this week that resonates pretty strongly these days. 

Forgive me while I get all hippy-dippy spiritual on all y'alls for a moment. I'm quoting loosely and not as poetically as it was told to me:

Everyone has two wolves that live with them from the time they are born. One of them is the wolf that lives off of generosity, positive actions and love. The other is the wolf that survives from jealousy, negativity and anger. At a certain point, you will only have enough to keep one of the wolves alive. In the end, the wolf that survives is the one that you choose to feed. 

It's simple and obvious but it's a hard thing to remember sometimes. Negativity feeds negativity and it really all comes down to a change of attitude (thanks Ma!).

The older I get, the more I realize that you never truly outgrow your insecurities and issues, you just become more okay with never outgrowing them. Maybe that's being more self-accepting or self-aware? Either way, I think it's a good change. To quote my favorite toddler, "I like it".


Hannah said...

Happy birthday sweet Shayna! xoxo

Marni said...

So brilliantly said by my brilliant daughter on her birthday - one of the most best days of my life.

Shayna said...

Hannah: Thank you! See you tonight ;)

Ma: I love you.

Nora @Online PhD Resources said...

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